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Craig Cigard
My Personal Website
Yes, that's me on ol' Smokey with my six shooters (it must have been my birthday around 1956).

My professional life revolves around computer system maintenance, website development, data communications and digital video. Checkout the Prairie Winds Enterprise, LLC company website.

Take a quick look at my resume and you'll find that I've been working with computers since 1970. In fact, my very first computer job was at a bank in 1970. I've witnessed the growth of personal computers, I've seen data communications expand from asynchronous 110 baud, X.25, ATM all the way through fiber networks. Working for Sprint for 16yrs was a great experience. I have personally experienced the growth and demise of the mini-computer industry. Remember, Wang, Prime, DEC and Data General? I do, I worked for Data General for 8yrs.

My personal life is centered on my kids and my hobbies.

I could blather on for pages, instead, why don't you just check out some of the other pages on my website.